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I can’t call it…

lost ones2

I really can’t call it… my whole life I’ve considered myself unfortunate, but now I have more opportunity than ever.

As a kid I didn’t have much confidence or self-esteem, but now I’m starting to actually feel comfortable in my skin.

I feel so on edge because I know I’m at the limits of my comfort zone and I’ll soon be doing things and feeling things I never thought I would feel or do.

It also feels like God is answering SO MANY of my prayers… prayers from such a long time ago, and when these situations/opportunities work out, I instantly remember “I asked the Big Homie for this before”.

Smh, let me stop being so emo.

Shout outs to Will for the amazing photos (all these are from his camera), the personal insight and advice, and the opportunity.

Check his blog for the rest of the amazing pics:

“I’m scared for the first time, everything just clicked. What if I don’t really take the pictures they predict” *pays tax*


snow in toronto (5 of 5)

And thump went the wheel against the curb in this weather.

Lost Ones studio flow…

lostones-sim-studioshoot (10 of 32)

A long ass day indeed, hit the studio around 12:30pm (apologies for being late if you’re reading this Will, Greg and Drew lol), and straight worked until 9pm I think?

Just got home a couple hours ago and I wanted to put up some behind-the-scenes shots, and a couple really rough edits of some of our studio shots. Might throw up the finished products afterwards, or you might see it elsewhere on the internet…

We also went to a dope spot called “Snack Bar” afterwards, if their portions weren’t so small, I would’ve went ham on those mini-Macs lol.

Shout outs to all the Lost Ones especially Drew for setting things up with the studio space. Shout outs to everyone else who came by, hung out, and helped us with this little goal of ours.


A$AP Rocky Meet N Greet In Toronto

ASAProcky-toronto-meetngreet (30 of 32)

First off shout outs to Karla and Lola. Another shout out to Slava for the look out. Man… it feels incredible to be privy on some of the magic and monumental moments in this wonderful city of ours.

I’ve been praying for opportunity and the chance to make something of myself, and it seems like the Big Homie is replying back.

The event itself was pretty amazing, fans had lined up outside Community 54 for atleast an hour before it’s scheduled start time, all eager to meet Rocky and the A$AP crew. Many came in asking Rocky to sign hats, shoes, phone cases, necks, and of course some breasts here and there. It was crazy to see a female fan show Rocky his lyrics that she had tatted on bicep, for a new artist, he’s already getting TONS of love.

After running out of in-store signing time, Rocky went outside to meet the remaining fans and was signing autographs and taking pictures while out on Queen St. I’m sure folks driving by must’ve been so confused as to what was going on lol.

Video footage of the event will also be edited this week, and will hopefully be out soon enough on Karla’s hustleGRL blog.

It All Makes Sense Downtown…

toronto-bathurst (1 of 1)

Man… how do I even start to explain everything? I’ll start with my day/morning… mind you, this will definitely be another short story long post lol.

I zombie woke at 11:50am (zombie woke meaning, I turn off my phone’s alarm, check my emails, reply to texts/BBM, but pass right back out and have ZERO recollection of what I did or said during this time), passed back out until 1pm, and then I thought to myself “oh shit”… cause I had to be in court in half an hour to fight a speeding ticket. Made it to court, reduced my $265 fine to $60, then had a nice bowl of pho at around 2:30pm for breakfast.

*wipes forehead* I’m always fake busy lol.

Next half of the day.

I had to head downtown for a 4pm interview to meet up with Michelle from HomeGrown Boutqiue, which was random in itself cause I stumbled upon her ad on Kijiji looking for an intern. To be honest, I was kind of debating whether or not this would be worth it. I’m already broke out my ass, and I definitely need to spend time looking for a paid job.

Regardless, I went.

We got to talking and clicked pretty well, then she shared with me that she’s friends with T-Minus (produced “Moment 4 Life”, “The Motto”, “How Low”), and that Tyler might be needing a blogger/photographer/website builder.


Which leads me to my point… nowadays NO ONE can survive based off ONE skill set. If you’re a journalist you have to do MORE THAN write. If you’re a videographer, you have to do more than that. If you’re in graphics design, IT, accounting, marketing, PR, whatever the case may be, you need different skills.

I’ve said this before on the blog, that my skill set (music, blogging, photography) used to confuse the FUCK out of me and everyone else. But it all makes so much sense now, and has helped me in so many situations.


Such a small city. I hear the same names. It’s the same circles. Everyone knows everyone. You are a few handshakes and introductions away from meeting the stars.

I will make sense of it all and climb this ladder.

Peace on earth.

On set

lostoneNative (14 of 20)

Kinda disappointed this certain location/look #2 of our shot from Sunday didn’t turn out the best. Oh well.

I got my ass kicked today…

nativelostones (10 of 14)

Shout outs to Photo Will. Shout outs to the Lost Ones. Shout outs to Ahmed, Juan, Larry, Sid, Drew and Christian. Shout outs to Tiffany, Tess, Megan and Jonny.

And another shout out to Juan… the one who kicked my ass up and down the street today and handed it back to me in a nicely framed jpeg lol. I really felt like an overweight 40 year-old working out next to a UFC champ today. I literally feel sore right now lol.

I’m very excited to bring forth one of the first projects from one-half of the Lost Ones.

Stay tuned icon wink I got my ass kicked today...

dc chilling…

Wale-Toronto-Phoenix-Theatre (6 of 18)

So this past Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to assist my homie Andre in his interview with Wale. This interview we were doing was definitely the most A-list celeb/musician we’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with so it was quite nerve racking experience.

That being said, I must’ve had and made the most rookie mistakes ever. I think he hated me.

First off, I was the one recording the video while Andre was speaking. Mid interview I get a couple BBM msgs and since my phone isn’t on vibrate I’m pretty sure he heard the “ding, ding”.

“Ok, I doubt anyone else will msg or let alone call. Let me keep filming and ignore it”… is what I said to myself.

Less than a minute later I get a phone call while the phone is still NOT in vibrate. I quickly fidget around and send the call to voicemail in my pocket. *dc slams head on desk*

Now the interview was wrapped and we needed Wale to do the drop (when the celeb says “yo you checking out blah”). I stop recording and prepare to re-record so it’s a separate video file, lo-and-behold Wale is already on the ball and giving his most swaggered shout out.

“Uh… can we do that one more time”. *Wale gives dc a quick glare*


We finally finished… or atleast that’s what I thought.

Later on, the promoter asks me to record ANOTHER drop from Wale, but this time, for her own company.


Short story long, I asked another cameraman to provide some light for me from his rig while I recorded this second drop… but Wale does the drop while looking in the camera providing the light and NOT MINE.

“Uhhh… can you do it one more time and look in my camera?” *Wale gives death stare*

Safe to say, I don’t think I’ll ever be apart of the MMG empire icon sad dc chilling...

London, Ontario

westernCSA (6 of 158)

This was my first time photographing a live event besides a concert, and since this was a singing competition, I guess you could say it was right up my alley lol.

University of Western’s CSA team put forth an asian idol type competition and also invited YouTube celebrity and beautiful singer, Clara C as a guest judge and performer.

I’ve always had great nights partying in London, almost felt right to actually do some WORK in that city lol.

Excuse Me Officer…

queensway (2 of 2)

So there’s this neighborhood that’s sort of around my area, but I have NEVER in my 19 years of living in Mississauga have been to. For those who know, I’m talking about Mavis / Queensway area, I have near gone past Mavis / Dundas. Each and every time I drive by after all these years I always wonder what’s down that hill because I just love the view you get of the houses and what not there.

So here’s a little story as I was leaving that area since I had to go pick something up.

DC: *decides to pull over, flash emergency lights, and snap a few pics*
DC: *outside on the sidewalk snapping a few pics*

Cop #1: *pulls up* *opens door and approaches to talk*

DC: *thinks to myself “wow, a cop car would pull up after 15 seconds of pulling over to take pictures”*

Cop #1: So what’re you doing their sir?

DC: Err, just taking some pics Officer, you wanna see?

Cop #1: No it’s okay

DC: *remembers Self Portrait Project* Officer… would you mind taking a photo of me? It’s for a project…

Cop #2 (inside vehicle still): Take a picture of Cop #1, he’s a model!!

DC: -__-

Cop #1: Sure… what button do I press??

Lmao, that’s the basic gist of it. Never in my life would I have thought I would ask a cop to take my photo. They seemed to a fun time as well.

pho sandwhich

pho (1 of 1)

I had a popular viet meal before I left for London town this weekend, and I had the same dish as I was leaving the city. Shout outs to Joyce, Pris and Jessica for hosting a party that won’t be forgotten for awhile.

Self Portrait Day 2

jan13-2012 (1 of 1)

Jan 13, 2012: had a meeting downtown with the Lost Ones… excited about what we’re planning. Then had some drinks back in sauga, shout out to Andre for taking the portrait for Day 2 while it was freezing cold outside.

Also, I think I’ll be posting these self portraits in a weekly series from now on… so I don’t bore you guys and myself lol.

Self Portrait Day 1

waleys house2

I’m embarking on a new project inspired by the video and photographer down below. The project is pretty simple; 1 self portrait everyday. Hopefully I can keep up with this goal, I think the idea of being able to look back on EVERY day of your life is just amazing and irreplaceable.

You could literally show your kids entire YEARS of your life lol… or retrace your steps prior/post a huge promotion or what not.

I definitely will be requiring the help of friends for this project… if I see you when we’re hanging out and we’re close, I WILL give you a 30 sec lesson on photography and make you take a picture of me loll.

Day 1 (Jan 12, 2012): taken with the bane of my existence… the iPhone 4S… photo cred goes to Waley as me, Hendy and Andre were all too busy being geeks. That’s me on my blackberry btw icon wink Self Portrait Day 1

up to no good…

cold (1 of 4)

artwork shoot fail… wrong location. We’ll have to go out another night and brave more cold weather *shrug*

2nd Chance…

toronto (2 of 6)

It wasn’t too long ago that Waterloo was my second home and music was my mainstay… but now that I have graduated from University and haphazardly stumbled upon this device called a DSLR; things have definitely changed. Now whenever I head out on the highway I go east, and whenever I meticulously try and perfect something, it’s an photograph rather than a sound.

I’ve traded cities and I’ve traded studios.

You can do the same.

I swear I see and hear too much of it… people feeling trapped in the paths that they have committed too, whether financially, academically or both.

They feel they’ve walked so far down their path, that turning back now would just be a waste, and starting over is NOT even an option.

Don’t think of it as starting over. Think of hopping over to the path next to you while still maintaining your position.

Bring with you your knowledge and experiences.

It won’t be easy. But it’ll be worth it. And deep down… you know it.

Is Detroit In The House??

royceda59-toronto (20 of 28)

Another night out in the city… another night sleeping at 6am… I need to fix myself.

We Are The People…

waterlooflash-bts (3 of 33)

that will be owning businesses, working in big corporations, and generally being productive members of society lol. The world isn’t ready for us *shrug*

Dear Mama…


babyme Dear Mama...


I Might Have A New Favorite Restaurant…

guu (2 of 12)

Guu. Everything about this place is really something, from the moment you walk in and to the moment you leave…

New Studio… Sort Of….

hendy collage2

Pysche… no, not really. But I have recently purchased a SB-700 and worked that around the existing studio lights I owned and managed to get quite decent “studio” looking images. I had the notion in my head already that I could use a simple place such as someone’s hallway and an off-white color wall to produce these type of shots, so I really just did this shoot to learn and prove it to myself.

Being a person that’s always simply throwing things into manual and running with it, instead of reading manuals (no pun intended), I usually either fall flat on my face or surprise myself. This shoot was just a small step for me, but I already feel much more comfortable for future shoots.

U-Turns, McNuggets & Eyelashes

newyears (7 of 20)

I wish I grabbed the camera when I was more sober… and during the party…